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What do you need to know to join our adventure.

  1. What is a “Treasure Hunt”?

    It is an activity or game in which individuals or teams try to locate specific items from a list.

  2. What is the goal of the “Discover London Treasure Hunt”?

    The goal is to get international students engaged with the London community and as a result, enhance their student experience. Through the “Discover London Treasure Hunt”, it is hoped that students will be actively involved in the discovery and learning process of exploring the city of London while being welcomed by its community, local employers and historical charms.

  3. Who can participate?

    We are encouraging International Students, Exchange students and International Graduate students to participate and you can include up to 1 Canadian student on your team.

  4. How many people do I need to register a team?

    The minimum is 2 people and the maximum is 4 people on a team. You may have only 1 Canadian student. (This means, 1-3 members are international students and one student may be from Canada).

  5. How can I attend the end Celebration?

    Your team must complete and submit a minimum of 10 identified locations from the Treasure Hunt list with the correct answers from each location. This needs to be logged through your online checklist page you can access once you register your team.

  6. Does my whole team have to visit each location together?

    Yes, you must visit each location together. You cannot split up to go to different locations.

  7. When does the Hunt end?

    You can complete the whole list or as much of the list as you can before the completion date set by your individual school.

  8. How can we win the Treasure Hunt?

    Your team can win a prize if you complete the whole list of Treasure Hunt locations and answer the questions at each location correctly. (This needs to be tracked though your online account).

    All teams that successfully complete the whole list, with correct answers, will have their name put into a draw for the chance to win a grand prize!

  9. Will we win anything if we complete more than 10 but not all the locations?

    Yes! All teams that complete a minimum of 10 locations with correct answers, will be able to attend the end Celebration and also receive a little prize bag!

Important Information

Please remember:

  • Be safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Respect each other, be Ambassadors for your school (wear a school clothing item) at all locations.

  • Have fun and enjoy the team experience!