Scavenger Hunt Rules


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What you need to know to join our adventure:

  1. Each team may have 2-4 student members. You may include one domestic student in your team. That is, 1-3 members are international students and one student may be from Canada.

  2. Visit each location together, answer the question and enter your team response into the online Treasure Hunt checklist. (You will get a link to the checklist, which you can use on your phone, in an email along with your password once your team is registered.

  3. Take a team selfie at each location (with all team members in the photo) and share by social media using #discoverldnont. If you have a shy team member who does not want their photo on social media, please include them in the photo but have them stand behind the team leader to show their feet.

  4. Be safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  5. Respect each other, be Ambassadors for your school (wear a school clothing item) at all locations.

  6. Have fun and enjoy the team experience!